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Hermes Carte Blanche




Zurich, Switzerland

Hermes Carte Blanche
The brief was to create art piece inspired by the Hermes Cheval d’Orient Collection.
Jordy felt inspired by the sense of MOVEMENT: The elegance of horses in motion, the undulating of colorful punch bows, lines and the delicate curved shape of the table service collection. To tell the story of the Cheval d’Orient, Jordy brings the horses to life on to a three-dimensional world through the traditional and artistic technique of paper cutting. Like a sketch, the fluidity of forms and shapes is revealed in a continuous ribbon of light. In 201 AD the Chinese invented paper, a marvelous material with a complex character. For thousands of years we use paper to write, paint and communicate our thoughts, dreams and desires. Paper-cutting is a unique art form: Chinese women use this graceful and intricate media to record the joy and surprises of their lives and decorate their homes. Jordy Fu has developed this ancient technique to create expressive and elaborate forms breaking free from the two dimensional realm to a dreamlike three-dimensional landscape.
Exhibition in Paris rue de Sèvres flagship store, then travelled to Brazil, Italy, and Switzerland

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