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Cloud Lamp





In 201AD the Chinese invented paper, a marvelous material with a complex character. For thousands of years we used paper to write, paint and communicate our thoughts, dreams and desires. Paper–cutting is a unique art form.Chinese women use this graceful and intricate media to record the joy and surprises of their lives and to decorate their homes. Jordy has developed this ancient technique to create expressive and elaborate forms which break free from the two-dimensional realm to a dream-like three-dimensional landscape. These delicate lampshades are inspired by Jordy’s architectural design projects and scaled at 1:50. Each lamp is a sensational space. They instantly transform the atmosphere of a home. The Cloud Lamps are sustainable: the material is recycled paper, they are handmade and the product is to be used with energy-saving light bulbs. By introducing the Chinese paper-cutting tradition into a contemporary use, the Cloud Lamp is sustaining a culture.

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